Titanium Quartz Necklace

Titanium Quartz Necklace
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This adjustable 16 to 18 inch Charles Albert necklace picks up colors from the environment around it.  Primarily pinks, teals, and purples, it will also pull orange, yellow and green.  You will be the only one at the party to be wearing this!

Drusy Quartz is believed by some to be a pefect stone for positive vibes and creativity while stabilizing the wearer's aura.  On the Moh's Scale of Hardness, with diamonds being a 10, Drusy Quartz is a 7.  This makes it perfect for every day wear!  The titanium coating fives the Drusy a super glittery and unique appearance. 

From early childhood, Pennsylvania native Charles Albert was an avid stone collector.  Fascinated by the fossils and minerals he encountered while exploring the lot next to his grandmother’s house.  Although he didn’t know it at the time, stones would later define his future!  Charles continues to push fashion boundaries with each new collection through his innovative designs and distinctive stone choices.  

The stone is set in sterling silver.It is the exact item pictured. Photographed with no editing or touch ups, these images capture the true coloring of the jewelry so you will receive the exact item pictured. We recommend that you use a sterling polishing cloth to keep your sterling silver clean. The polishing cloth is safe for use with all our wonderful stones at Beach Treasures. As with all of our beautiful jewelry here in the OBX, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. This item ships free from Duck NC!  Come see why Beach Treasures is the hidden Gem on the Town of Duck's Boardwalk! We look forward to becoming your Outer Banks jewelry store.


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